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How Acupuncture can help Veterans and Military members

Acupuncture as a Pain Reliever


Acupuncture treatments have been increasingly gaining traction as an integrative therapy method for effective pain relief. As a minimally invasive procedure, acupuncture is considered generally very safe when administered by a trained provider. While ongoing studies are finding that acupuncture may offer more benefits than pain management alone, the VA considers acupuncture effective for veterans who suffer from:

  • Pain associated with an injury or illness

  • Nausea and vomiting after an operation

  • Nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy

  • Joint pain from arthritis

  • Low back pain

  • Depression or other mental health concerns

  • Substance dependency

Acupuncture for veterans may be effective as a stand-alone treatment or adjunctive therapy with other medical treatments.

Acupuncture as an Opioid Drug Alternative

When dealing with pain management, the most common solutions are opioid drug prescriptions. Acupuncture has the potential to become a front-line treatment alternative for pain management. Acupuncture and other alternative practices have been helping reduce the number of active service members prescribed opioids.

Veterans can take advantage of the health benefits of acupuncture without needing to subscribe to painkillers. Acupuncture, as an opioid drug alternative, can be used for acute and chronic pain without having to worry about side effects.

Acupuncture as a PTSD Treatment

Although more research needs to be done, acupuncture holds promise to help treat PTSD and stress-related conditions. While the prevalence of PTSD among Veterans ranges widely throughout different eras and wars, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be utilized as an alternative treatment option. Studies show that acupuncture, as well as other holistic practices, can significantly help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, which all contribute to PTSD. Acupuncture for veterans and active military members can have a significant impact on their well-being of life and overall wellness.

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